Goodbye Gunn

I decided to switch things up and try to make a video instead of just writing up a blog post to say my goodbyes to my summer residence hall. This is still very experimental, even after my Nashville video, so we’ll see how it goes, but it was definitely fun to make.

I’ll put a transcript of what I’m saying in the video right here, just in case you would rather read!

“So, I’m moving out of my summer housing pretty soon and I’m rather excited.

Right now, everything is kind of a mess because I’m trying to pack up as much as I can now while still living here, and I’ve been trying to do little things to make the process move along a little bit quicker. Little things like taking down all my photos and other wall decorations. It’s really weird how moved in you can become to a place that you never intended on staying in or calling home. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve been ready to move out since I moved in, but after the 3 and a half months I’ve spent here, this place has kind of grown on me.

Like, the basement, otherwise known as the only place in the building with good WiFi, has become my favorite place to just relax, and maybe even make an attempt at cooking, that is if the kitchen is actually clean enough to even think about cooking in, which it almost never is… ever.

Then I had the interesting experience of living on the same hallway as all my female coworkers, which didn’t sound like it was gonna be fun but has easily been the most effective team builder I could possibly imagine especially considering we have community bathrooms and have seen each other in an array of different states and somehow still deal with and support each other when we have to wake up at 5 in the morning for work.

But I know for a fact I’m not going to miss having to wear shoes every time I set foot in the bathroom, or having to use stalls that rob me of what little sense of privacy I still try to have. And although the water pressure is fantastic, I know I’m not gonna miss using these shower that remind me of something out of a really badly written horror movie.

I think, in the end, I’m gonna chalk up living here to a learning experience, even though I honestly could not tell you what I’ve learned. I’ve survived though and I’m very excited to start my next part of the adventure. So, goodbye Gunn Hall. You’ve been good to me and I very much appreciate it. Until next time, I suppose.”


An Impulsive Tattoo

July 23rd was probably the strangest days I’ve had in a long time. I received some bad news in terms of the health of a family member, proceeded to have a couple anxiety attacks, and abruptly made plans in case anything were to worsen. Being a control freak, this is the kind of thing that really messes me up. My friend Hope and I were both feeling a bit out of it, and after driving around aimlessly until 11pm, we decided to say screw it and go get tattoos in order to regain some sense of control over our lives, and by 12:30am we had done just that.

I’ve been playing around with the idea of getting a tattoo of an alien head, because, quite frankly, I love aliens and thought it would be adorable. And, after about five minutes of playing around with some placement ideas, the tattoo was a go. I don’t know what it is about getting a tattoo is so therapeutic, I but always feel a million times better afterwards.

My tattoo artist, the piercer that joined us half way through, Hope, and I all decided that he looked like a Sheen. Thus, I would like to introduce everyone to Sheen, the alien that lives on the inside of my right ankle. I’m definitely excited to go into work tomorrow and show everyone.

Photo Jul 24, 1 10 49 PM

He turned out awesome and I absolutely love where I decided to put it, not to even mention my tattoo artist was the chillest dude ever and great conversationalist. It was overall one of better weird impulsive things I’ve done, and I have exactly zero regrets.

Photo Jul 24, 1 13 40 PM

And now to start planning my next tattoo!

The Nashville Trip

In the past two weeks I’ve been off work I’ve either been sleeping, watching Netflix, or counting down the days until I leave for Nashville.

Back in early June, my friends and I decided to say screw it and buy tickets to a Panic! At The Disco and Weezer concert. The plan was to road trip to Nashville, go to the concert, spend the night there, and then see a little bit of the city before going home.

The trip began a little rocky with issues getting our car together and some really weird traffic in the mountains, but we made it and it was amazing. The concert was phenomenal, we really couldn’t have ask for a better time. By the end of our first day we were beyond exhausted and the smaller plans we had after the show got cancelled because we all passed out.

croppedOn day two we decided to explore the city. We went to the Tenseness State Museum (I’m a history major and my other dear friend is an anthropology major, so naturally we were all over the idea of hitting up a museum), and it was great and completely free. We also went to Olan Roger’s Soda Parlor, which was delightful. I had plans to take some video while inside, but I got way too excited and only actually managed to get this picture of the sign.

Overall, the trip was fantastic and even though we spent more time in the car then out of it, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. We all agreed, we want to go back and we wanna stay twice as long. I filmed a lot of bits and bobs so I could make a little video montage of our trip, and I feel like it captured everything best.

Nashville, I hope to see you again soon.

What Does an Orientation Leader Keep in Their Backpack?

The short answer is everything.

At my university, us OLs work from 6:30am until about midnight on Day 1 of orientation, and from 6:30am until 3:30pm on Day 2. The job isn’t a walk in the park, in those two days I spend most of those 26 hours at work on my feet and walking around. So, I basically live out of my backpack.

Here we see the bag that carries my entire life (with my university’s name covered up, because I’m a deeply paranoid person).


IMG_0276 Of course, I have a water bottle so I don’t die in the heat of a summer in the south. I have my bottle covered in stickers because my small group theme is Star Wars and I decided to deck out my water bottle so I wouldn’t get it confused with my coworker’s. We all have the same exact get up, backpack, and bottle. I had to do something so mistakes involving sharing drinks weren’t made and it looks super cute! Even if the stickers start looking gross after a couple days.




In my front pockets I have some essentials: Sunscreen, bug spray, and my rain poncho in case rain decides to make an appearance.


In my weird side pocket, I have my keys with my student ID and my wallet.



In my other weird front pocket I have even more essentials! I have my phone charger, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, extra stickers for my water bottle, a travel toothbrush and toothpaste, and then a lighter because you never know when you’ll need one.



In my sunglasses pocket, I got some pens and a few highlights, my medical bracelet, my watch, a glasses cloth, my name tag, a few hair bobbles, lip balm, and nail clippers. I try to always have my name tag, bracelet, and watch in my bag so that it’s impossible to forget them, because I know I would.



In my second water bottle pocket, that doesn’t have my water bottle, I have a little snack in case I get hungry or my blood sugar gets too low. Then I have my little fan for when I’m walking around in the heat of the south, which can get upwards of 100 degrees in the middle of July. Also, in this pocket I typically have my light saber (it’s Luke’s!), which is my prop that I carry around for the sake of pushing my whole Star Wars themed group.



And now for the main pocket! In the back laptop compartment I have my manual and all my need-to-have OL things thrown in a binder.


In the actual main part of my bag I have my knee brace just in case my knee acts up, an umbrella in case anything happens to my rain poncho, my hoodie (which is part of my uniform), and my tiny bag of every other conceivable thing I could need.



In here we have extra deodorant, body spray, pads, band-aids, motion sickness pills in case, ibuprofen, extra chap-stick, a compact mirror, a tide to go pen, contact solution, cough drops, and even more hair bobbles!



Then I have a few things that tend to float throughout my bag: my portable phone charger, which is a life saver when I’m working 17 and a half hours straight on day one and some light reading for when my orientation participants are in sessions! Right now, I’m reading Macbeth, and no, it’s not for a class, I just genuinely enjoy reading Shakespeare. Apparently people don’t? More power to them.

I basically live out of my back pack and that’s why I have a million things in there, but at least I’m ready for anything, right? I’m always ready to orientate.

Summer Shenanigans!

July 13th and 14th are official going to be the best two days of my summer. Me and two of my lovely friends and coworkers are planning the adventure of the summer! On July 13th we’re road tripping 5 hours to Nashville, Tennessee and seeing Weezer and Panic! At The Disco in concert! Then we’re spending the night in Nashville and taking our day two to explore city and all it’s got to offer us broke college kids.  It’s the kind of trip that college summers were made for, and it fits in perfectly with our work schedule.

We’re so completely beyond excited and, honestly, July 13th can’t come fast enough.

A Year in Review because I’m the Worst Blogger Ever

Life gets busy and I forget that this whole blog thing was something i genuinely wanted to do. Whoops? Honestly, I’m not gonna sweat it. Doing things like this in my own time is a huge part of who I am and looking back on it, this is exactly what I expected.

So, what’s changed in the last 353 days? Well, a lot.

  • I’m single for the first time in  a year and a half
  • I got a job as an orientation leader at my university that has me working 40+ hours a week this summer
  • I made a ton of new friends
  • I started working on learning Spanish again
  • I got a new diagnose for my mental health issues that actually makes a lot more sense
  • I have a new roommate that happens to be one of my best friends
  • I finally came out to my friends as bisexual (but my family is still in the dark so shhhh)
  • I switched my major so now I’m majoring in history with a minor in Spanish and I couldn’t be happier
  • I ended my first year of college with a 3.25 GPA
  • I discovered that a freakin’ love college
  • I turned 20, which means I can official say I survived my teenage years
  • I got even more piercings
  • I have a bunch of plans for more tattoos
  • I’ve learned to live with communal bathrooms and now have a greater appreciation for being able to shower in private
  • I’ve mastered the art of moving in and out of apartments and dorms while also mastering the art of couch surfing
  • I’ve dyed my hair teal and pink among many other colors
  • I’ve adopted 3 new plant children and a lovely little beta fish named Huxley
  • I finally got a smartphone
  • I’ve discovered no one actually knows what their doing and being an adult is merely an illusion of people pretending that they have a plan
  • I’ve learned that things change and sometimes it’s for the better
  • I started writing again because I think I found my muse again

There’s probably so much more, but this is all I can think of off the top of my head. Within the next few months I feel like a lot more is gonna change, so I figured while I have the time now, I might as well try to catch up. My life is in a weird state of flux right now, and I’m nervous and excited.

Let’s see what happens.

Being Colorblind is Harder than it Looks

Alright, so, here’s the break down: I’m part of the 0.5% of women who are colorblind. Now, I’m not considered to be totally colorblind, and neither is my father. We have some weird form of colorblindness that results in us not being able to see shades of colors. From a genetic stand point it works like this: a color blind daughter must have a father who is color blind and a mother who is a carrier, which is exactly what I have! Almost all the men on my mother’s side of the family are color blind, and there are a few on my father’s as well.

Funnily enough, a lot of people go their whole lives without realizing they’re color blind. My father had no idea until he was in his 30s and my brother figured it out on his 23rd birthday. If you wanna figure out if you got some color blindness going on have some free colorblind tests! Or have some lovely images:

The only on I can see is the 12 in the first circle and the 42 in the third circle.

Now that we’ve covered the basics let’s discuss some VERY frequently asked questions that I’m just plain tired of answering:

What color is this? If you ever seriously ask me this question I’m gonna reply with the most idiotic answer I can think of on the spot. Don’t ask a colorblind person this. We are really frickin’ sick of it.

Do you see only shades of gray? Considering I don’t have monochromacy and how rare monochromacy is, no. I can’t even see shades, dude, what makes you think grey is different?

Which colors do you see then? Mostly the primary and secondary ones. In fact, here is a complete list of the colors I can see:

Who buys your clothes? I do, but, to be fair, my wardrobe is roughly 98% black so everything is gonna match regardless.

Can you see in the dark? Yes and no. I can make out basic shapes a bit but because I can’t see shades it’s pretty much a lost cause. I’ll probably never be able to drive at night.

Hopefully you learned something today, kids!