The Charlotte Trip

After a lot of carefully planning to avoid failing like our original plan had, my roommate Sam and I went on a road trip to Charlotte, NC to go see Hayley Kiyoko in concert! We drove about 5 hours there, and 5 hours back with a stop in Asheville to check out a bunch of bookstores.

The trip there was dreadfully boring, as I-85 often is. We were so excited and just wanted to get to our hotel so we could get ready for the concert and make sure we got there early enough to get a good spot at doors. As it would turn out, our hotel let us check in early because they weren’t busy and instead of getting to doors 3 hours early, like we were hoping, we got there 5 hours early because we misread the time. Either way, it worked out great and we got an awesome spot in the venue.

The show was absolutely amazing, and I’m so glad I got some great footage of it! The crowd was phenomenal to the point where we almost made Hayley cry. The vibes were fantastic and it was overall probably the best concert I’ve ever been to. Afterwards we, and a small group of other people, managed to sneak around to the back of building and hung out for about an hour and caught Hayley as she was leaving. She was beyond nice and we all took a group picture.

We immediately went back to the hotel and crashed pretty much instantly, woke up the next morning, and then started toward Asheville. We were complete zombies by this point, hence why I didn’t think to film anything for the vlog, but it a really nice drive through the mountains. We had a list of bookstores we wanted to hit up and it was the chill sort of thing we needed before heading back to Atlanta, especially since we hit it during the tail end of rush hour.

By the time we got back to my apartment, we were already half asleep as we ate our Taco Bell, and I unfortunately at to be at work the next day. It was an awesome little road trip, and Sam and I are already trying to plan another trip the second we can secure the funds. I’ll definitely be keeping this journey in the fondest part of my memory.


Nothing But Thieves Concert!

My roommate, Sam, and I have been planning to go to this concert since the day that it was announced. We found the band Nothing But Thieves together and therefore have an unspoken bond over them. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited we were about getting a chance to support a smaller band we absolutely love. It was a rather small show, which is easily my favorite kind of show. We got to chill, buy some merch, and still end up at the barricade.


We hadn’t heard of the opening act, but we managed to find their EP and I can honestly say that their EP doesn’t do The Wrecks justice. They were absolutely amazing and had the best vibes ever. Normally I find opening acts forgettable, but they got the crowd super hyped and were insanely rad. We even got to meet them after the show (all of those photos turned out terribly, but it was still a awesome!) and they are seriously the sweetest guys. If I don’t heard more from them and about them in the future it’ll be a tragedy. I mean, they dressed up for Halloween, that’s dedication, my friends.


Then we got to see Nothing But Thieves, who are easily some of the most talented people I’ve heard music from in a long time. Their lead singer has a vocal range people would kill for, and the entire band way too talented to be so unknown. When their lead singer heard us singing along with the lyrics, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone smile so big. It was an amazing experience and I wish I could go back and do it all again.


After the show Sam and I got a chance to hang out with the tour photographer and have a great conversation. It was definitely a much needed night of fun and excitement and I hope we get the chance to go to more shows like this in the future. It’s the best night I’ve had in a long time.

If you want to check out Nothing But Thieves or The Wrecks, which I would highly recommend doing, their stuff can be found on Spotify and they both have awesome websites with links to everything you could want to know:

Do yourself a favor and go listen to them. It’s worth it.


A Trip to the Etowah Indian Mounds!

This semester I had a couple days off for a fall break, and after not seeing my nephew or family at all since June, I decided to spent it with them and some friends I haven’t seen in even longer! During this same time my family was planning on visiting the Indian Mounds near our little town and they were nice enough to invite me along. It’s not very often, if ever, that we get a chance to do things as a family, so I was pretty excited.

I thought I would do a throwback to the video blog type things I’ve had so much fun making in the past for this trip. It mostly features my nephew, but I love him, so it’s totally okay.

My New Dorm Room!

After saying Goodbye to Gunn, I got to say hello to my new room on campus. I’ve lived here for about a month now, and this place is finally starting to feel like home. It took a while to get settled in between work and classes, but at last, I have everything together.

Now, I didn’t clean up or make my bed because I wanted to take pictures of what my dorm actually looks like in its natural state (dirty coffee mug and all).

Photo Aug 28, 1 06 31 PM (1)

Photo Aug 28, 1 03 34 PM

Photo Aug 28, 1 04 22 PM

Photo Aug 28, 1 05 11 PM

Photo Aug 28, 2 04 36 PM

If anything, my plants are very much enjoying their new view! I didn’t manage to get any usable pictures of my closet because it’s so dark, but I promise it’s nothing special and looks extremely average. If you wanna see everything together, I tried my best to do a panorama picture, but it’s not my strong suite.

Photo Aug 28, 1 11 08 PM

And before you ask, yes, I don’t have a closet door. Apparently, whoever lived here before me broke the door, so now I have a blackout curtain, hence why my closet is way too dark for photos.

Overall, my dorm is very average and I love it. It’s definitely home (at least until Spring 2017), even though I’m rarely here because of how busy the week gets.

Getting My Life Together

I work, go to the gym, go to class, and do homework. That’s it. That’s my whole life right now. With the new school year started, I’ve been more busy than ever. I’m also working on getting my life together as best as I possibly can lately. Life after orientation has been one hell of a ride being that now half the campus knows who I am. Thankfully, I have a million and one distractions to keep me going.

Most of the week I’m in class, because my schedule this semester is insane. Then, most morning I’m working for our IT department in computer labs. Thankfully, my job is actually pretty chill which leaves me with a lot time to get things done. Work is mostly homework time and troubleshooting these days. You’d be surprised how much you can get done when you’re out of your element in a place where productivity is something your getting paid for. I’ve also made a habit of actually getting out of bed and going to the gym because going to the gym ended up being the only time I see some of my friends, which is an amazing motivator. And going three days a week isn’t as overwhelming as I thought it would be. Weirdly enough, it’s kind of fun.

I’m having a surprisingly easy time keeping up with my classes with my new found time management skills and keeping my entire together. Now I have to just keep it together for the rest of the semester and hopefully into next year, as my plans for next year are looking to be a big step for me. I’m trying to work out details for that on top of everything else and I’m super excited.

In the meantime, I’m off to the gym and then get back, clean, and do homework.

My Last Day as an Orientation Leader

I was a lot more excited than I thought I would be for this summer to come to an end. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I loved my job and gained so much from it, but oh my gosh I’m exhausted. Working from 5am until 11pm most days made me learn a lot about myself and the other lovely people I worked with. First off, I can work those hours four days a week and not drop dead, which is pretty rad. I can walk 10+ miles daily and still not drop dead, which is pretty cool too. I also learned that I never gave myself much credit for my people skills or my customer service skills. Getting screamed at by angry parents? Meh. Getting told to walked two and a half miles across campus with someone having a panic attack in 100 degree weather? Sure, it’s gonna get done and everyone is gonna be okay.

At the beginning of summer, I had no idea what I was in for. I preparing for a battle without even realizing it, and looking super cute with my team in the process.

Photo May 15, 12 58 11 PM

Now, we’re seasoned veterans and could probably take on the world with little to no problem. We look like we’ve aged about a decade in the course of two months, but we’ve definitely come out wiser than when we started.

Photo Aug 05, 8 24 53 PM

I’m still debating whether or not I want to try and apply for the job again next year, and as of right now my job quite done yet. There are still a few things left to do, which I think might end up being that determining factor. There are a lot of aspects of this job that I’m definitely gonna miss, but at the same time, I’m beyond excited to never have to perform a skit again, answer the same question roughly a million times within five minutes, and be expected to smile through all of it even though I hate it with a passion.

In the end, I can say for sure that it was one of the most interesting and crazy summers of my life and I wouldn’t change it for a second. I’m gonna miss all these absolutely insane people I’ve been so fortunate to work with.

final cropped

And now, with Summer 2016 coming to a close, I gotta say it’s been an adventure. Let’s hope Summer 2017 can live up to the standard set this year, because it isn’t gonna be easy.

Goodbye Gunn

I decided to switch things up and try to make a video instead of just writing up a blog post to say my goodbyes to my summer residence hall. This is still very experimental, even after my Nashville video, so we’ll see how it goes, but it was definitely fun to make.

I’ll put a transcript of what I’m saying in the video right here, just in case you would rather read!

“So, I’m moving out of my summer housing pretty soon and I’m rather excited.

Right now, everything is kind of a mess because I’m trying to pack up as much as I can now while still living here, and I’ve been trying to do little things to make the process move along a little bit quicker. Little things like taking down all my photos and other wall decorations. It’s really weird how moved in you can become to a place that you never intended on staying in or calling home. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve been ready to move out since I moved in, but after the 3 and a half months I’ve spent here, this place has kind of grown on me.

Like, the basement, otherwise known as the only place in the building with good WiFi, has become my favorite place to just relax, and maybe even make an attempt at cooking, that is if the kitchen is actually clean enough to even think about cooking in, which it almost never is… ever.

Then I had the interesting experience of living on the same hallway as all my female coworkers, which didn’t sound like it was gonna be fun but has easily been the most effective team builder I could possibly imagine especially considering we have community bathrooms and have seen each other in an array of different states and somehow still deal with and support each other when we have to wake up at 5 in the morning for work.

But I know for a fact I’m not going to miss having to wear shoes every time I set foot in the bathroom, or having to use stalls that rob me of what little sense of privacy I still try to have. And although the water pressure is fantastic, I know I’m not gonna miss using these shower that remind me of something out of a really badly written horror movie.

I think, in the end, I’m gonna chalk up living here to a learning experience, even though I honestly could not tell you what I’ve learned. I’ve survived though and I’m very excited to start my next part of the adventure. So, goodbye Gunn Hall. You’ve been good to me and I very much appreciate it. Until next time, I suppose.”