New Starts

I suppose this kind of thing is typically reserved for New Year’s, but, as I’m writing about in my undergraduate thesis, time is a concept.

There is just been so much happening that I can barely keep up myself. First, I got incredibly sick, so much so that I was nearly hospitalized. It turned out I had a few stomach ulcers at once and all of the sudden had terrible acid reflux that appeared seemingly out of nowhere. I was thrown on a bunch of different medications and I hated it.

I was a vegetarian for almost eight years before I got extremely sick and doctors realized I had celiac disease. After that, and because I was malnourished, the doctor I saw to help me get my health back together talked me into eating meat again. I thought that maybe that had something to do with it, even if I rarely ate meat, I was still eating it. So, what’s a girl to do when she’s in her own personalized medical hell? I did a bunch of research, contacted my family members who have similar health problems, and I made a choice.

I decided to go vegan.

This decision is a fairly recent one. I’ve been waiting to make sure this wasn’t going to sent me back into a tailspin, especially since I’m in college and I can’t afford to miss classes now that I’m a junior. It’s been about a week or two now, and I’m already feeling different in a really good sort of way.

I’m hoping to document my journey on my blog, and just generally start blogging again. There are a lot of other things my research into veganism has made me want to try and made me conscious of. I have a feeling this is gonna lead me into some serious adventures. Either way, I’m very excited and I hope you guys enjoy following along with me on this new life change. Of course I’ll be doing my normal concert posts, I’m actually going to two next week, but now I’ll be trying out a lot of new things and hopefully it will treat me well.

If you have any resources or advice, let me know! I’m open to anything and I’m excited to start this adventure! Wish me luck.


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