The Charlotte Trip

After a lot of carefully planning to avoid failing like our original plan had, my roommate Sam and I went on a road trip to Charlotte, NC to go see Hayley Kiyoko in concert! We drove about 5 hours there, and 5 hours back with a stop in Asheville to check out a bunch of bookstores.

The trip there was dreadfully boring, as I-85 often is. We were so excited and just wanted to get to our hotel so we could get ready for the concert and make sure we got there early enough to get a good spot at doors. As it would turn out, our hotel let us check in early because they weren’t busy and instead of getting to doors 3 hours early, like we were hoping, we got there 5 hours early because we misread the time. Either way, it worked out great and we got an awesome spot in the venue.

The show was absolutely amazing, and I’m so glad I got some great footage of it! The crowd was phenomenal to the point where we almost made Hayley cry. The vibes were fantastic and it was overall probably the best concert I’ve ever been to. Afterwards we, and a small group of other people, managed to sneak around to the back of building and hung out for about an hour and caught Hayley as she was leaving. She was beyond nice and we all took a group picture.

We immediately went back to the hotel and crashed pretty much instantly, woke up the next morning, and then started toward Asheville. We were complete zombies by this point, hence why I didn’t think to film anything for the vlog, but it a really nice drive through the mountains. We had a list of bookstores we wanted to hit up and it was the chill sort of thing we needed before heading back to Atlanta, especially since we hit it during the tail end of rush hour.

By the time we got back to my apartment, we were already half asleep as we ate our Taco Bell, and I unfortunately at to be at work the next day. It was an awesome little road trip, and Sam and I are already trying to plan another trip the second we can secure the funds. I’ll definitely be keeping this journey in the fondest part of my memory.


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