My New Dorm Room!

After saying Goodbye to Gunn, I got to say hello to my new room on campus. I’ve lived here for about a month now, and this place is finally starting to feel like home. It took a while to get settled in between work and classes, but at last, I have everything together.

Now, I didn’t clean up or make my bed because I wanted to take pictures of what my dorm actually looks like in its natural state (dirty coffee mug and all).

Photo Aug 28, 1 06 31 PM (1)

Photo Aug 28, 1 03 34 PM

Photo Aug 28, 1 04 22 PM

Photo Aug 28, 1 05 11 PM

Photo Aug 28, 2 04 36 PM

If anything, my plants are very much enjoying their new view! I didn’t manage to get any usable pictures of my closet because it’s so dark, but I promise it’s nothing special and looks extremely average. If you wanna see everything together, I tried my best to do a panorama picture, but it’s not my strong suite.

Photo Aug 28, 1 11 08 PM

And before you ask, yes, I don’t have a closet door. Apparently, whoever lived here before me broke the door, so now I have a blackout curtain, hence why my closet is way too dark for photos.

Overall, my dorm is very average and I love it. It’s definitely home (at least until Spring 2017), even though I’m rarely here because of how busy the week gets.


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