An Impulsive Tattoo

July 23rd was probably the strangest days I’ve had in a long time. I received some bad news in terms of the health of a family member, proceeded to have a couple anxiety attacks, and abruptly made plans in case anything were to worsen. Being a control freak, this is the kind of thing that really messes me up. My friend Hope and I were both feeling a bit out of it, and after driving around aimlessly until 11pm, we decided to say screw it and go get tattoos in order to regain some sense of control over our lives, and by 12:30am we had done just that.

I’ve been playing around with the idea of getting a tattoo of an alien head, because, quite frankly, I love aliens and thought it would be adorable. And, after about five minutes of playing around with some placement ideas, the tattoo was a go. I don’t know what it is about getting a tattoo is so therapeutic, I but always feel a million times better afterwards.

My tattoo artist, the piercer that joined us half way through, Hope, and I all decided that he looked like a Sheen. Thus, I would like to introduce everyone to Sheen, the alien that lives on the inside of my right ankle. I’m definitely excited to go into work tomorrow and show everyone.

Photo Jul 24, 1 10 49 PM

He turned out awesome and I absolutely love where I decided to put it, not to even mention my tattoo artist was the chillest dude ever and great conversationalist. It was overall one of better weird impulsive things I’ve done, and I have exactly zero regrets.

Photo Jul 24, 1 13 40 PM

And now to start planning my next tattoo!


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