Getting my First Tattoos!

I officially have tattoos! I’ve wanted tattoos since I was little, and after turning 18 I was hyped to get some. Thankfully I had a bit of forethought and decided to take at least a year to mull everything over and make sure I was making a good choice.

Since I was probably 14, I’ve had a weird love of triangles and always wanted to get two triangles on my arms. They would be facing different directions and symbolize universal symmetry and necessity of opposing forces. Then, closer to the age of 16, my 10th grade English teacher gave me the idea tattooing an L on my left hand and an R on my right hand because I’m dyslexic and eternally get them confused.

Both of them finally happened and I’m beyond elated.

My left and right tattoos weren’t nearly as bad as I had expected. They turned out amazingly and now I never have to second guess myself ever again!

left and right

Afterwards, when we moved to the center of my arms, the pain showed up. The outlining hurt like a bitch and it took a couple passes with the shading needles until my arms stopped twitching and shaking. In the end it was totally worth it and they turned out great!


Right now, they’re just scabby and healing, but holy shit I love them. I’m so glad I took the plunge.


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