Being Colorblind is Harder than it Looks

Alright, so, here’s the break down: I’m part of the 0.5% of women who are colorblind. Now, I’m not considered to be totally colorblind, and neither is my father. We have some weird form of colorblindness that results in us not being able to see shades of colors. From a genetic stand point it works like this: a color blind daughter must have a father who is color blind and a mother who is a carrier, which is exactly what I have! Almost all the men on my mother’s side of the family are color blind, and there are a few on my father’s as well.

Funnily enough, a lot of people go their whole lives without realizing they’re color blind. My father had no idea until he was in his 30s and my brother figured it out on his 23rd birthday. If you wanna figure out if you got some color blindness going on have some free colorblind tests! Or have some lovely images:

The only on I can see is the 12 in the first circle and the 42 in the third circle.

Now that we’ve covered the basics let’s discuss some VERY frequently asked questions that I’m just plain tired of answering:

What color is this? If you ever seriously ask me this question I’m gonna reply with the most idiotic answer I can think of on the spot. Don’t ask a colorblind person this. We are really frickin’ sick of it.

Do you see only shades of gray? Considering I don’t have monochromacy and how rare monochromacy is, no. I can’t even see shades, dude, what makes you think grey is different?

Which colors do you see then? Mostly the primary and secondary ones. In fact, here is a complete list of the colors I can see:

Who buys your clothes? I do, but, to be fair, my wardrobe is roughly 98% black so everything is gonna match regardless.

Can you see in the dark? Yes and no. I can make out basic shapes a bit but because I can’t see shades it’s pretty much a lost cause. I’ll probably never be able to drive at night.

Hopefully you learned something today, kids!


Getting my First Tattoos!

I officially have tattoos! I’ve wanted tattoos since I was little, and after turning 18 I was hyped to get some. Thankfully I had a bit of forethought and decided to take at least a year to mull everything over and make sure I was making a good choice.

Since I was probably 14, I’ve had a weird love of triangles and always wanted to get two triangles on my arms. They would be facing different directions and symbolize universal symmetry and necessity of opposing forces. Then, closer to the age of 16, my 10th grade English teacher gave me the idea tattooing an L on my left hand and an R on my right hand because I’m dyslexic and eternally get them confused.

Both of them finally happened and I’m beyond elated.

My left and right tattoos weren’t nearly as bad as I had expected. They turned out amazingly and now I never have to second guess myself ever again!

left and right

Afterwards, when we moved to the center of my arms, the pain showed up. The outlining hurt like a bitch and it took a couple passes with the shading needles until my arms stopped twitching and shaking. In the end it was totally worth it and they turned out great!


Right now, they’re just scabby and healing, but holy shit I love them. I’m so glad I took the plunge.

The Adventure of College Orientation

Our adventure begins at 6am with my dearest friends picking my butt up before journeying the hour it takes to get to our college. Naturally, we loaded up on coffee and goo music before departing. For some reason, orientation begins at 8:30 in the morning and lasts until midnight only to continue on to the next day. So, the powers at be have recommended that we arrive around 7:30am. It’s all very precise and sounds absolutely exhausting.

Checking in was chaotic but only because it all happened so fast. The rest of the day was filled with information being thrown at me as well as getting my student ID. We walked literally everywhere, and the campus is pretty damn big. The day   finally ended  with me meeting the random person I was spending the night with in the dorms. She was sweet, unlike me though, she was night owl. Thank god I remembered to bring headphones because we were both able to do our own thing with absolutely no problem!

Day two started bright and early at 7am as me, my boyfriend, and our lovely friend Nick reunited for breakfast which want filled with enough coffee in my opinion. Afterwards we were off to pick our classes, which went delightfully smoothly. Soon after we all gathered into the event area where more information was thrown at us, which continued for about three hours before we were free. Once we were set loose we visited our building which we’ll be dorming in and visited the bookstore. In the dorm building we all planned our set ups, much to the tour guides paranoia (to be fair, we were I there by ourselves for about half an hour). It was all very productive.

After some crazy intense rain on the ride home, I finally was able to crawl into my own bed and have a proper nights sleep.