Graduating High School

If it weren’t for me being the first graduate from my family there is roughly an 87% chance I wouldn’t have decided to walk. I’m not big on tradition, never have been and probably never will be. Ceremonies and junk like graduation are rather boring social events that I don’t typically care for. Alas, I’m a decent human being and a decent daughter, so for the sake of my family I’m walking across a stage to receive a rose and empty diploma display.

Semi-necessary details: I’m graduating with honors, which is why I’m wearing a white cap and gown, my friends are doing the same. I also have cords from Social Studies Honor Society and from taking all AP classes throughout high school. I also have a tiny medal for graduating with honors. Our graduation song is See You Again by Wiz Khalifa. And finally, my school’s colors are red, white, and blue.

Thus, let us begin our summary of the event that I participated in:

So, basically, everyone had a speech and I zoned out pretty peacefully. The only exception was when my childhood best friend, the valedictorian, gave a speech that would make anyone with emotions cry, luckily I’m a rather emotionless creature and just enjoyed her dedication and rhetoric. After a few more speeches from people I didn’t know or care about, they started handing out diplomas. We all accepted them in the exact same manner, looking like red, white, and blue automatons. It was all very efficient.

After words we all turned out tassels, threw our hats, and took roughly a million and a half pictures. Thus began the death match to go get our actual diploma in a completely different building on campus. Luckily my friend Paris and I ran half way across campus and were the first ones to actually get our diplomas before the chaos began. The whole ordeal was over rather quickly, which was fantastic. In the end, I’m just glad everything is over with.


Peace out, high school. You’ve been weird.


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