My High School Career in Review

24 hours from now I’ll be a high school graduate. What the fuck.

In these four years I’ve learned the following things:

  • How to bullshit an amazing essay
  • How to get away with being in places you shouldn’t be
  • Philosophy is actually really important
  • How to have a happy and healthy relationship
  • Making excuses for other people’s shitty behavior helps nothing
  • How to treat people with respect and love while still being 100% real with them
  • Keeping an open mind, even when you don’t want to, is a good idea
  • How to get rid of toxic people
  • How to find x in various equations
  • Mental illness is just as valid of an illness as a physical one
  • How to not put up with bullshit
  • How to get away with dong as little as possible
  • Being able to laugh at yourself just makes life easier
  • Caring too much is awful
  • Not caring at all is also awful
  • How to get illicit substances for very cheap
  • How to maintain friendships
  • Death is inevitable and that’s okay
  • Family DOES NOT have to be the people you’re related to

And so on.

Now I would love to say that from an academic stand point that I gained a plethora of knowledge that will help me with my college career, but to be honest I don’t think academia is the overall point of high school. The social and personal development that’s happened in high school is what really sets you up for the rest of your life. Fuck algebra, that’s not what’s I’m gonna need to know about when I’m trying to handle a social conflict or do my taxes. I know for me, in these four years I’ve spent running through hallways, I’ve learned more about myself and how I think and what I believe in far more than I’ve learned about anything else.

Was it awful? Nah. Was it some of the best years of my life? Hell no. If I could describe how I feel about high school I would say it was weird yet pleasant medium. At first, I was disappointed at the realization that it was an average sort of experience, but, given all the crazy stuff that happened to me during those four years, maybe I needed the stability and monotony that school offered. Through being diagnosed with depression, OCD, and a serious anxiety disorder among a lot more junk, I always had a place to escape even it was something as lame as school.

As much as I hate to admit it, high school was good for me. Am I gonna miss it? Nope. But am I thankful for it happening? Of course. The people I’ve met and the lessons I’ve learned wouldn’t have happened in any other place, even if it was between classes. I guess, if anything, high school felt exactly like the stepping stone it is. Now I feel adequately prepared for the next step in my life and I’m hoping for some serious adventures in the future.

Cheers to fellow members of the class of 2015. We made it.


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