Starting a Blog for the Millionth Time

You’d figure by now that I know I’m crap at keeping up with blogs, and therefore would have no desire to continue my attempts to create a blog that’s more than likely going to fail. That would be the logical conclusion anyways, but despite my incredible inclination toward logic, here I am. I have this overwhelming want to document my life with little commitment to a full on blog, so that’s what I’m hoping to create.

You see, I’m in a really strange transitional period of my life where I’m graduating high school, going on to college, and trying to find my own sense of identity, all while battling my mental health issues. It’s kind of a weird mix of crazy junk all happening at once. I figure that’s gotta interest for people to read about, and would be completely fascinating to look back on one day. That’s really the end goal: to look back on all the things I did and how it made me who I am, whoever that may be. What better way is there to immortalize the past in order to learn from it in the future?

So, I’m starting another blog because life is weird and living it is weirder.


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